Fun. Genuine. Energetic.

Elizabeth is a fun, genuine, and energetic personality who strives to make health easy and accessible for all. Her enthusiasm for the topic, curiosity about the world at large, and authenticity shine on camera and in-person. Her work goes beyond food as she takes her audience on a captivating self-improvement journey that encompasses an array of overall health and wellness related expertise.

If you are seeking a professional with a personality to reserve for a media gig, lecture, speaking engagement, or writing contribution– Look no further! Elizabeth is trained to provide accurate and easy to understand nutrition and wellness information. All while creating a fun and interactive learning environment. Because, what’s learning without a bit of fun!

As a board-certified Registered Dietitian Nutritionist with an infectious media personality and an array of media contributions, Elizabeth is no stranger to the camera. In fact, she feels energized while public speaking. She’s an expert in curating and communicating key nutrition messages while meeting brand partnership goals.

Elizabeth is frequently reached out to by production companies, corporations, food companies, and various wellness brands to provide her nutrition expertise. Elizabeth’s mission is to provide the public with authentic advice so that they can be empowered to live healthier lives. By utilizing a holistic approach, Elizabeth speaks upon all things health and wellness. From intuitive eating and body acceptance to mindset shifts to how to be more sustainable– Elizabeth has got your back!


Fully equipped for both live and recorded remote broadcast interviews!



  • Blog Posts: Fully optimized and SEO-friendly blog posts that will enhance user’s experience, increase profit, and increase visibility. 
  • Product Review Blogs, Advice Blogs and Food Blogs (prices vary depending on content)
  • Social Media Posts
  • Books: Rewriting, Cook Books, Non-Cook Books, Research for a book.  


Nutritional Health

  • Hormone Health
  • Celebrity Nutrition
  • Functional Nutrition & Integrative Medicine 
  • Sustainability & Zero Waste Living
  • Skin Health, Gut Health, & Mental Health
  • Intuitive Eating and Body Acceptance
  • Travel Foodie (Exploring different cuisines & cultures)
  • Recipe Development (Demonstrating or featuring your product)


  • Fitness & Exercise (featuring your brand, product, or service)
  • Active Apparel and Accessories
  • Sustainable Fashion & Upcycling (featuring your brand)
  • Financial Wellbeing


  • Mindset & Paradigm Shifts 
  • Motivational Speaker 
  • Keynote Speaker