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Best in class health and wellness coaching.

With unhealthy employee’s costing firms approximately $1.1 trillion dollars annually. Where an additional $277 billion is also being spent on treatment. This costs private firms ~23 cents per employee for every hour worked. To make this statistic even more shocking, this average only  accounts for recorded sick days and fails to factor in the cost of employee presenteeism and decreased productivity. Not to mention, the decreased quality of overall life that an employee with poor health often experiences.

It’s figures like these that prompt major corporations to do something about it. That’s where I come in! 

Offering a range of corporate wellness activities from nutrition lectures to group activities, events, and one-on-one employee nutrition counseling– I’ve got it all. With my help your employees will be left happy, healthy, and well-informed. 

Corporate Nutrition

If you are seeking a professional with a personality to reserve for a corporate wellness seminar, keynote, or speaking engagement– look no further!

As a board-certified Registered Dietitian Nutritionist with an engaging personality, Elizabeth strives to provide best in class nutrition coaching and information for corporations, firms, and start-up companies. 

Elizabeth’s mission is to provide the public with authentic advice so that they can be empowered to live healthier lives. By utilizing a holistic approach, Elizabeth speaks upon all things health and wellness. From basic nutrition to mental health nutrition to how to be more sustainable — Elizabeth has got your back!

A Sample of Topics & Services Elizabeth Can Provide.


  • Blog Posts: Fully optimized and SEO-friendly blog posts that will enhance user’s experience, increase profit, and increase visibility. 
  • Product Review Blogs, Advice Blogs and Food Blogs (prices vary depending on content)
  • Social Media Posts
  • Books: Rewriting, Cook Books, Non-Cook Books, Research for a book.  


Nutritional Health

  • Hormone Health
  • Functional Nutrition & Integrative Medicine 
  • Sustainability & Zero Waste Living
  • Skin Health, Gut Health, & Mental Health
  • Intuitive Eating and Body Acceptance
  • Travel Foodie (Exploring different cuisines & cultures)
  • Recipe Development (Demonstrating or featuring your product)


  • Fitness & Exercise (featuring your brand, product, or service)
  • Active Apparel and Accessories
  • Sustainable Fashion & Upcycling (featuring your brand)


  • Keynote Speaker
  • Corporate Wellness Seminar Speaker
  • Event hosting and promotion
  • Brand ambassadorship

What Are Corporations Saying

Brand Ambassadorship

Are you seeking a nutrition personality to promote your product, curate key messages, and inform a target population all while supporting the healthier lives of others? If so, you’re in the right place! Just make sure that your product or service aligns with Elizabeth’s Core Values.

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