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is very complicated.

It’s too easy to get “lost in the sauce” when everybody and their mom seems to be providing health advice online. I get it, when you aren’t feeling and functioning optimally it’s only a natural tendency to surf the internet hoping to find a solution. 

Maybe you’ve even experienced the benefits of eating healthy and taking care of your body… but you want to dive deeper. You want to fully optimize your health so that you can show up as the best version of yourself. You want to live authentically and achieve your goals — all while feeling energized and excited to start your day! If this is you, then you’re in the right place.


Hey! My name is Elizabeth Gunner and I’m a social justice advocate, dietitian, and speaker who motivates and informs large groups of people trying to take more control over their health and their lives.

Here you’ll find authentic advice to empower you to live a healthier life.

I'll Rewind For A Moment

As a kid, I was a creative by heart. It started with home-built stages performing Shirley Temple songs to my family and friends. It continued with me regularly writing poetry, expressing myself through fashion, painting, and drawing.  I always knew I had these innate creative abilities, and putting them into action energized and excited me.

This creative sense eventually found its way into my career. As my interests lie is using art (film, television, poetry, art) as a modality to convey accurate representation of social justice issues, such as food insecurity, addiction, climate change, and healthcare issues. My goal is to raise awareness of these issues by contributing to a “ripple effect” via media and the arts to enact positive social change. 

On top of this, an experience while traveling the country of Panama in 2014 brought a new reality to the forefront of my focus– international and domestic hunger. Witnessing conditions only the truly marginalized in an economically developed country would know, but that there were all-too-common: a lack of basic nutrition. This ignited my interest in health equity, food justice,  and sustainable food systems. This experience also prompted me to further understand the links between what people eat and how they feel. The interconnection between food availability, health outcomes, and sustainability is an additional area of interest that shows that, like I said, health runs deeper than what meets the eye.

Witnessing the heart-breaking effects poor nutrition had through the lens of toxic diet culture, poor mental wellbeing, and food insecurity eventually led me to study Nutritional Science at Cornell University. Here, I had a new mission that I knew would not fade, and I set out to become a health expert to absorb the most accurate health knowledge available and by doing so gain the ability to share this knowledge with others. By learning about nutrition on a molecular level, I found healing. I was finally able to crack my own health code by cultivating a deep understanding of the human body and how nutrition plays a critical role in its function. I also cultivated innovative ideas and methods to help others self-actualize in the way I eventually did.

As such, I obtained my Registered Dietitian Nutritionist (RDN) credential and landed my first job in a managerial position, where I helped lead, teach, and inspire a dietary team in a clinical care facility while also treating various patients with chronic health conditions. What I realized through all this is that health, like many things in life, is multifaceted.

Therefore, I believe that to truly gain optimal health and vitality, accurate and easy to understand information is where it starts. As such, I utilize a holistic framework when educating and informing others about health.

This approach, as well as my passion for self-development and endless curiosity about the world, landed me media positions writing and and contributing to national media outlets and performing on-camera news segments. It’s funny how things sometimes come full circle in ways I would have never imagined, and that I could combine my science knowledge with my innate creative abilities. I truly am living a life that I’m most proud of and energized by, and my mission is to spread these resources to others. 

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  • B.S in Nutritional Sciences from Cornell University
  • Queens College Dietetic Internship: Clinical, Outpatient, Counseling, Management, Policy, and Media rotations


  • Board Certified Registered Dietitian Nutritionist: Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics
  • ServSafe Manager: National Restaurant Association

Professional Memberships

  • Academy Of Nutrition and Dietetics 
  • Nutrition Entrepreneurs (NE) Dietetic Practice Group
  • Greater Dietetics Association of New York
  • Public Health/Community Nutrition DPG
  • Dietitians in Business and Communications DPG
  • Hunger and Environmental Nutrition DPG

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